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Integrated Logistics

Outsource the provision of spare parts management and repair maintenance projects. Let you focus on your business: customer service.


Our laboratory has the best technical and human resources to perform our specialty: ATMs, recyclers, financial printers and point of sales equipment following ISO 9000 standards.


Entrust us your uninstalled and used ATMs and printers to return them as new with your  custom specifications.

ATM Refurbish Repairing a printer

Data Recovery

20 years of experience in repairing and recovering data on damaged discs guarantee us a high level of success in these delicate operations.


We enjoy sharing our knowledge and we do customized training depending on the level of the attendees and subject such as diagnostic tools, modules and peripheral repairing, first and second level maintenance. Contact us for additional information and quotation.

Training on ATM Repair a hard drive

Respect the environment

We buy your “end of life” equipment, and after that we perform a process to erase any data or history, we give it a second life. Recycling is better than incinerate but reuse is better than recycling. Contact us for more information.

Green Planet ATM Refurbish

Reparaciones, reacondicionamiento, renovación, recuperación de datos, formación, reutilización, logística.