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We can supply new and refurbished modules, LCDs, card readers, presenters, dispensers, printers and cash or check deposit modules, BNA2, BNA3, GBNA, CCDM.

Encrypted Keyboards

We supply parts and original spare parts, including repair kits for presenters, upgrade kits for LCDs, card readers, pick modules and termal printers for ATMs NCR, WINCOR, DIEBOLD and TALARIS.

Encrypted Keyboards Technology: Encrypted keyboards (EPP) available for Wincor, NCR and DIEBOLD with any key layout, language and firmware required.

Spare Parts Encrypted Keyboard

Point of Sales Equipment

Available modules and complete units for Point of Sale / Retail equipment new and used from manufacturers like NCR, Wincor and IBM.

Banking Equipment

Automatic Teller Machines (ATM)

We are specialists in passbook printers with check reader and notebook reader. We provide all spare parts and complete units, new and refurbished from manufacturers like OLIVETTI, Wincor and TALLY.

We provide new and refurbished ATM to install, with one year warranty. Including models "stand alone", "through the wall" and "lobby" from manufacturers like NCR,  Wincor, Diebold, GRG, TALARIS and FUJITSU.

Financial Printer ATM Point Of Sales

DESMOL supplies all kind of products regarding banking equipment and retail.

module test

Spare Parts